Unique and modern web development.


Molnár Kristóf


My name is Kristóf Molnár, I am a business informatician and web developer.

I deal with the development of unique, modern, and user-friendly websitesor webshops .

I prefer innovative solutions, keeping in mind the current trends in both design and web technologies. Of course, all this is tailored to your ideas as well as to the profile of your business.

With the help of my programming experience I guarantee you that I will provide a solution in the long run.


Website development

Custom designed websites for companies and private individuals.

Webshop building

Development of modern web stores with a user-friendly interface.

Custom web development

Custom programming solutions for special purposes.

Why choose me?

Unique design

I develop a different style website for each of my clients, designed for the image of their company / enterprise.

International reference

Continuously expanding portfolio with international projects.

Continuous contact

Consultation is possible online, by phone, or in person, according to the needs of my clients.


You're still not convinced?
Well, look at my previous works, they will surely pique your interest in a joint project.



If you have any questions, contact us below or write a message!


If you have any questions, contact us below or write a message!